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Distance Healing Sessions


Distance healing, or remote healing as it’s also called involves sending healing to a person or situation. For example, Reiki and angel healing can be given through personal sessions where the client is present for the healing or through distance healing. As the names suggests, the client and practitioner are not together during the remote healing session. In fact, the healer and the client may not even be in the same country. The distance doesn’t really matter. The healing is possible as energy healing doesn’t require close proximity. The energy is transferred to the person receiving the treatment.

Remote energy healing works much in the same way as electricity is generated in one location (power station) and transmitted to another location to supply power to buildings along power lines.  


Shelby is able to perform Crossinology® Brain Integration Technique through distance healing sessions. These sessions are done through Skype after a short questionnaire is filled out. During your healing session or attunement, we ask that you are in a relaxed and receptive state until the session is completed.


Energy healing uses invisible energetic lines, or meridians, for the healing energy to travel along. The healer channels universal life force to the person or situation. The person receiving the treatment must always agree to the healing first.


Healing can never be forced on a person who doesn’t want it.

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